Building a DIY e-recumbent bike…

So it’s a quiet time at work and I like to be kept busy. What better way than to build a DIY e-recumbent bike! A while ago I purchased a 20″ hub motor wheel for my dirt-surfer and whilst that was great fun, it wasn’t exactly practical. I also had a fibre glass recumbent seat, which I acquire many years ago and hadn’t gotten around to using. So what better than making an electric recumbent bike.

I wanted something as simple as Possible to make, preferably without the need for welding. After a bit of searching I settled on a front wheel drive short wheel base recumbent. The base frame is a second hand Raleigh Evo 6 folding bike and the front boom is the rear triangle from an old scrap MTB.

The Evo front forks were steel and had to be spread wider to accommodate the 6 speed hub. The MTB rear triangle just fits over the existing fork dropouts, allowing the rear mech to attach as normal.

Seat brackets and the front boom to handlebar bracket have been 3D printed. Currently made out of ABS these will eventually be printed with carbon fibre reinforced nylon for strength.

The seat mount designs seem fine and very strong, however the front boom bracket needs redesigned to make it stronger. It also need printed in a different orientation so the print layers align better with the stresses. As you can see, this version split along the layers when tightening the bolts.

Still to do… attach new handle bars; wire up the electronics; fit the cranks and brakes. So watch this space! ?

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